Destination: The Barrow River

The Barrow is a river in Ireland. It is one of The Three Sisters; the other two being the River Suir and the RiDiscover the captivating beauty of hiking in Ireland along the Barrow River. Known for its scenic views and lush landscapes, the Barrow Way offers the perfect setting for a walking holiday in Ireland. From tranquil riverside paths to verdant forest trails, the diversity of the route invites adventurers of all levels to explore its charms. Choose from guided walking tours to get an insider’s perspective on the local flora, fauna, and history, or opt for self-guided walking tours for a more intimate, at-your-own-pace experience. For those seeking a more comprehensive adventure, various hiking tours are also available, promising a deeper dive into the natural and cultural wonders that the Barrow River has to offer. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Irish countryside; The Barrow River is a must-visit destination for any hiking enthusiast.ver Nore. The Barrow is the longest of the three rivers, and at 192 km, the second-longest river in Ireland, behind the River Shannon.

It is said that walking in the Barrow valley is like walking in a constable painting. Riverside walks, ancient Viking and Anglo-Norman settlements dot the landscape and the impressive viaduct in Borris leads you to the enchanting Blackstairs Mountains.

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