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Top 5 Benefits of Hiking – Our Ultimate Guide

Nowadays, many people develop a wide variety of health problems because of inactivity. Doctors recommend regular exercise and walking, but many find it hard to spare a few minutes from their tight schedules to get active. Our hectic and busy lifestyles are the main reason why most people do not take a walk every day. But there is a good alternative to all of this.Continue readingTop 5 Benefits of Hiking – Our Ultimate Guide

Want to get your family hiking?

We all know exercise has tremendous value to both our physical and mental health. Getting outdoors, whatever the weather, not only revitalises us but has the natural benefit of releasing the feel-good hormones, endorphin, serotonin and dopamine. These are all good reasons to get your family hiking. And if you’re lucky enough to have beautiful scenery on your doorstep, that’s a definite plus! Continue readingWant to get your family hiking?