Exploring the Best Hiking Trails Near Dublin Using Public Transport: A Guide by Walking Holiday Ireland

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Whether you’re without a car or simply favour sustainable travel, finding Ireland’s scenic hiking trails can sometimes seem challenging. However, many of Dublin’s most stunning Hikes are actually accessible via public transportation.

This blog post will guide you through enchanting hikes and walks that allow you to soak up Ireland’s natural beauty without stepping foot in a car. Ready for an adventure?

Key Takeaways

  • Many of Ireland’s scenic hiking trails, such as Howth Cliff Walk and Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk, can be accessed using public transportation.
  • Public transport options like buses and trains make reaching popular hiking destinations like Glendalough and the Wicklow Mountains easy.
  • The Wicklow Way offers a self-guided walking tour through County Wicklow’s stunning landscapes, allowing you to explore at your own pace.
  • After a hike, you can enjoy delicious meals at local establishments such as The Summit Inn or The Pigeon House Café.

Hiking Trails Accessible by Public Transport in Ireland

Hiking Trails Near Dublin Using Public Transport
Exploring the Best Hiking Trails Near Dublin Using Public Transport: A Guide by Walking Holiday Ireland 13

Explore the stunning Howth Cliff Walk, enjoy breathtaking views of Dublin Bay, and easily access this trail using public transport.

1) Howth Cliff Walk

The Howth Cliff Walk lets you see the best of Dublin’s coastline. This coastal path brings joy to many hikers in Ireland. It boasts natural beauty and rich views that keep your eyes busy all day.

There are five walking routes you can choose from. Some people like a short walk, for them, an 8km track is ready. They finish the fun walk in about a 2.5-hour time span. Others prefer a longer route that stretches up to 12km and lasts around three hours.

No matter which way you pick, get ready for a moderate climb.at some point on this hike!

2) Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk

The Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk is a top pick in County Wicklow, Ireland. This trail is 7 kilometres long with rich and stunning views. You will see the vast ocean, green hillsides, and tall cliffs.

This place makes people stop and stare! It is also very easy to find as it’s near public transport.

This path suits all fitness levels, so anyone can join the hike. Young or old, fit or not so fit – all are welcome here! Just put on your shoes and start walking. The beauty of this place will make every step worth it.

Don’t miss out on this great hike when you visit Ireland.

3) Marley Park to Enniskerry via Two Rock Mountain

Marley Park to Enniskerry is a great hike for fit walkers. It takes about seven hours to complete this trail, which covers almost 20 kilometres. This part of the Wicklow Way goes through forests and open heather, giving you nice views of farmland as well.

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Joe King, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You also get high up into the hills, reaching a height of 660 meters. Getting there is easy with public transport! Just hop on a bus or train and enjoy one of Ireland’s most stunning routes.

4) Killiney Hill and Beach Walk

Killiney Hill and Beach Walk is one of the top walks in Dublin. You can see all over Dublin from here. Many people love the loop walk around Dalkey and Killiney Hill. It’s a great place for a family trip or an exciting hike.

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There are different trails to pick from at Killiney Hill Park. Riding the Dart train or using local buses can get you to this wonderful site.

5) Glendalough Lake Hikes

Glendalough Lake Hikes take you through a glacial valley in County Wicklow. This trail goes by an old town started by St Kevin in the 6th century. You will see parts of the famous Wicklow Way while on this hike.

Glendalough Hiking Trail, Spinc, Lower Lake, Wicklow National Park
Exploring the Best Hiking Trails Near Dublin Using Public Transport: A Guide by Walking Holiday Ireland 14

Glendalough has hard trails, but they all give great views and fun times. The lake hikes let you see the early town that is well-known to many people. You can get here easily with public transport too!

Tips for Getting to the Hiking Trails

To get to these fabulous hiking trails, take advantage of Ireland’s public transport options. Use local buses or trains to access popular hiking destinations such as Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains, Howth Cliff Walk, and Bray Head.

The St Kevin’s Bus is a great option for reaching Glendalough, while other trails can be accessed by bus or train from Dublin.

Public transport options

Going on a hike in Ireland is easy with public transport. Here are your choices:

  1. National Journey Planner: This tool gives you travel details. It covers bus, rail, tram, ferry, and taxi rides.
  2. Bus Eireann: This is the leading bus service in Ireland. It can take you to top hike spots like the Wicklow Mountains near Dublin.
  3. The St Kevin’s Bus: This bus goes to Glendalough, a favourite place for lake hikes.
  4. Dart Services: You can use them for local trips in Dublin before or after your hike.

The St Kevin’s Bus to Glendalough

St Kevin’s Bus is your ride to Glendalough. This bus is Irish-owned and has been around since 1927. It starts in Dublin, at St. Stephen’s Green North. The bus will drop you off close to the visitor centre in Glendalough.

From there, it’s easy to find the hiking trails for a fun day of exploring.

Exploring The Wicklow Way: A Comprehensive Self-Guided Walking Tour

The Wicklow Way is one of the best hiking trails in Ireland, offering a comprehensive self-guided walking tour through the stunning landscapes of County Wicklow. This long-distance trail allows you to explore the Irish countryside at your own pace, immersing yourself in its natural beauty and remote wilderness.

As you embark on this walking tour, you’ll traverse mountain valleys, wander through enchanting forests, and climb heathery uplands. The Wicklow Mountains, with their rolling hills and majestic peaks, provide a breathtaking backdrop for your journey.

You’ll also have the opportunity to discover glacial valleys, serene lakes, and gentle farmland along the way.

The self-guided nature of this tour gives you the freedom to choose how long or short your hikes will be each day. You can take breaks whenever you want to soak in the scenery or rest tired legs.

With plenty of accommodation options available along the route, including charming villages where you can refuel and recharge after a day on the trail.

If you’re seeking an outdoor adventure that showcases Ireland’s natural wonders and offers a sense of tranquillity away from bustling cities, exploring The Wicklow Way is an excellent choice.

Lace up your boots and get ready for an unforgettable walking tour through some of Ireland’s most captivating landscapes.

Where to Eat or Drink After the Hike

After a long hike, indulge in a delicious meal at local establishments such as The Summit Inn for stunning views and tasty pub fare or The Pigeon House Café for fresh and wholesome meals near Sandymount Strand.

Recommendations for each hiking trail

  • Howth Cliff Walk: Don’t miss the stunning coastal views and visit the local fish market for delicious seafood afterwards.
  • Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk: Enjoy the breathtaking scenery along this easy walk, and grab a bite to eat at one of the many cafes in Greystones.
  • Marley Park to Enniskerry via Two Rock Mountain: Challenge yourself with this scenic hike, and reward yourself with a visit to Powerscourt Estate for refreshments.
  • Killiney Hill and Beach Walk: Take in the panoramic views of Dublin Bay and stop by The Druids Chair café for a well-deserved treat.
  • Glendalough Lake Hikes: Explore the ancient monastic site and head to Wicklow Heather Restaurant for a hearty meal.


Exploring Ireland’s scenic hiking trails is made even more accessible with the convenience of public transport. From the stunning views of Howth Cliff Walk to the majestic beauty of Glendalough, there are plenty of options for outdoor enthusiasts to choose from.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, hopping on a bus or train allows you to immerse yourself in Ireland’s natural wonders without needing a car. So grab your walking shoes and get ready to discover the breathtaking landscapes that await!


Can I reach Dublin’s scenic hiking trails using public transport?

Yes, many of Dublin’s hiking trails are accessible by public transport, making it convenient for travellers without a car.

What types of public transport can I use to access the hiking trails?

You can use buses and trains to reach the starting points or nearby locations of the hiking trails in Ireland.

How do I find out which public transport routes to take for each trail?

You can use online travel planners or apps specific to Ireland, like Transport for Ireland, to find the best bus or train routes that will take you close to your desired trail.

Are there any additional fees or tickets required for using public transport for hiking?

In most cases, you may need to purchase a ticket or pass depending on the distance covered and the type of transportation used. Check with the respective transport authorities or operators for specific details.

Are there any limitations or schedules I should be aware of when using public transport for accessing these trails?

Public transportation schedules and frequency may vary, especially in rural areas. It is advisable to plan your journey in advance and check timetables so that you have ample time before sunset and ensure availability upon arrival at your chosen destination.

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