Make your hiking experience unforgettable

Get ready for a trip into the great outdoors. Choose the best clothes!

Up mountains, over hills, through forests – hiking represents a great way to get in touch with nature. This super-activity can be called a pertinent reminder of how small we are and how beautiful the world around us is.

Even though you love spending your weekends watching Netflix and chilling, sometimes a great adventure can be all you need to tap into your free and adventurous spirit in a dynamic way that doesn’t involve sitting on a couch and crunching chips. Hiking can be a unique way to explore new places and mesmerising landscapes.

So, pack your bag and start your adventure!

But wait! We have some great tips about how to pack effectively and which are the essential clothes and essentials you need to carry with you. You need to dress well and feel amazing! And when it comes to outdoor activities, you should never sacrifice safety or comfort for style.

You can be comfortable and look good while hiking, but this will take a little extra effort because most hiking apparel is long and baggy. So, you’ll need to find the perfect fit for your shape.
Here is the complete list for a comfortable trip. Always remember to pack as lightly as possible!

Hiking checklist:

  • Polyester or nylon undies – these materials have the quality to dry fast, being ideal for layers such as briefs, tees, sports bras, socks or long underwear.
  • A few pairs of wool socks. Socks need to be taller than your hiking footwear to provide extra comfort.
  • 2 or 3 regular shirts made of wool or cotton
  • Comfortable yet sturdy pants – you need to move freely and maintain your body temperature.
  • An insulated jacket which is perfect for colder conditions. Synthetic insulations are a better bet.
  • A rain jacket and maybe some rain pants in case the weather will be a little too unfriendly.
  • A brimmed hat that will keep your head dry and protect you from the sun. You can also include in your bag a pair of sunglasses in case the sun will be way too shiny. Make sure they have UV protection.
  • Hiking boots – they should provide support, protection from rocks and roots, traction on wet surfaces and keep your feet dry.

You should know that layering is essential and depending on how cold is going to be you should adapt your list. And you should always have a double check on weather conditions because your health and protection depends on what you have packed. In any case, be ready for circumstances to turn cooler or hotter than predicted.

Also, consider including in your bag long sleeves, long pants and clothes with built-in insect repellent in case you are going to hike through the dark forest or brushy woodlands. And to be protected from snakes grab a pair of tall leather hiking boots and throw them in your backpack. Life is full of surprises. But that’s what makes it exciting!

Hopefully, we gave you some good advice on what to wear during your next hiking experience. Just choose the best clothes for your type of journey and be sure you are ready for all the wonders and adventures nature throws at you while you are out experiencing the beauty of the natural world!