Our Self-Guided Hiking Tours In Ireland

Great Value Self-Guided Hiking Tours In Ireland

Hikers crossing the Mourne Wall In Northern Ireland on a Self-guided hiking Tours
Hikers crossing the Mourne Wall in the Mourne Mountains on a self-guided hiking tour in Ireland

Discover the unparalleled beauty of Ireland in an intimate, one-of-a-kind way with our Self Guided Hiking Tours In Ireland!

On our self-guided hiking tours, you’ll enjoy breathtaking landscapes and centuries-old traditions as you chart your route through this captivating country. With trails suited for everyone, from experienced hikers to those taking their first steps into nature, exploring Ireland on foot is an unforgettable experience!

A self-guided hiking holiday is undoubtedly a must-have on your bucket list.

Our Top Destinations in Ireland for Your Self-Guided Hiking Tours

Explore Ireland’s diverse and stunning landscapes on our self-guided hiking tours. From the rugged coasts to serene mountains, we offer a variety of routes to suit your preferences.

Hiking Destination: Ireland’s Ancient East

Explore Ireland’s Ancient East, a treasure trove of history and natural beauty. Hike the scenic Barrow Way, tracing the serene River Barrow through charming villages. Embark on the renowned Wicklow Way, winding through lush forests and picturesque valleys near Dublin.

Discover the rugged beauty of the Cooley Peninsula, offering panoramic views and rich myths. Wander the medieval streets of Carlingford, steeped in history and charm. Each trail in Ireland’s Ancient East promises a unique adventure, blending breathtaking landscapes with a deep sense of the past. Perfect for any hiking enthusiast seeking an unforgettable experience.

Hiking Destination: Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland offers some of the most breathtaking hiking destinations. The Mourne Mountains, with their dramatic peaks and stunning views, are perfect for adventurous hikers.

The Moyle Way offers a scenic route through forests and along riverbanks. Belfast, a vibrant city, provides a great starting point for urban trails and nearby nature walks. The Nine Glens of Antrim present a lush, verdant landscape filled with folklore and natural beauty.

Finally, the iconic Giant’s Causeway, with its unique basalt columns, provides an unforgettable coastal hike. Each destination offers a unique experience, making Northern Ireland a hiker’s paradise.

Hiking Destination: Wild Atlantic Way

Embark on an unforgettable adventure along the Wild Atlantic Way, a prime hiking destination in Ireland. Traverse the scenic trails of Galway, where rugged coastlines and vibrant culture await. In Kerry, experience the dramatic landscapes and serene beauty that define this iconic route.

The Dingle Peninsula offers breathtaking views and charming paths that lead you through lush greenery and along stunning cliffs. Don’t miss Dingle Town, a picturesque spot renowned for its friendly atmosphere, traditional music, and rich history. Each step on the Wild Atlantic Way promises awe-inspiring vistas and memorable experiences.

Key Benefits of Self-Guided Hiking Tours In Ireland

  1. Flexibility With our popular self-guided hiking tours, you can start and finish when you want, take detours, and spend as much time as you like in each location. Our walking holidays are designed to help you make the most of your adventure.
  2. Cost-effective Self-guided hiking tours are typically less expensive than guided tours, as you won’t have to pay for a tour guide or transportation.
  3. Unique experiences: You’ll discover hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path destinations that you might not find on a traditional guided tour.

What to Expect on Our Best Self-Guided Hiking Tours In Ireland

  • Carefully selected family-run and welcoming B&B accommodation. Enjoy a warm home-away-from-home experience at our carefully curated B&Bs, offering inviting atmospheres and friendly hospitality that cannot be beaten!
  • Comfortable en-suite bedrooms. Experience luxury by booking one of our cosy en-suite bedrooms. Enjoy a host of amenities that truly make it feel like home.
  • A full Irish breakfast to keep your engines running. Start your morning with a hearty, full Irish breakfast featuring sausages, bacon, eggs, and beans to fuel your day’s adventures.
  • Complimentary luggage transfers. Enjoy a stress-free journey with complimentary luggage transfers, letting us handle the heavy lifting.
  • Information on local transport options. Our team is ready to assist you with navigating local transport options, ensuring you explore the area with ease.
  • Extra night(s) accommodation booked on request. Need an extended stay? We can provide extra nights of accommodation upon request for your convenience.
  • We offer detailed maps and route notes so you never get lost. Navigate confidently with our detailed maps and walking notes, constantly refreshed for maximum accuracy.
  • Local advice on places to visit and where to eat. Our local experts have curated the best places to visit and where to eat, ensuring you get an unforgettable experience.
  • Full pre-departure info to prepare for your walking holiday. Get ready for your walking holiday with all the pre-departure info you need, from packing tips to travel advice.
  • 24/7 local emergency contact. You can depend on us for fast, reliable responses in any emergency, providing 24/7 local contact support.

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