How to dress for Wildlife Photography

General rules

The world is full of photographers who enjoy photographing nature and wildlife. In order to take some great shots, you should follow some general tips and guidelines and dress properly.

Knowing what to wear will enable you to stay longer in search of wildlife and will give you a better chance of capturing the amazing moments in your images. You need to make every effort possible to blend in with the environment so you can create a breathtaking album.

The area

Before heading to your trip, establish if you are looking for specific animals or just an area with a variety of birds and wildlife. In any case, you should study and learn about animal behaviour from the specific area, because if you know what to expect, you’ll be ready for any possible action.

Proper clothing & accessories

Keep in mind to dress for the weather! Consider appropriate shoes and clothing that offers comfort and consider layering. For inner layers merino wool is the best choice, as it’s featherweight with exceptional warmth and wicking capabilities, offering a great first layer that helps keep you comfortable. For warmer weather, an expedition shirt will offer you good protection from sunburn, as well as covering you to keep you cooler.

Depending on the condition, you might need some jackets and of course a camera vest with pockets as well as pants pockets – it will make your experience easier.

A small backpack with extra water and safety gear such as cell phone, GPS, a flashlight is also essential. Stay safe and always keep your pack on your back!

Keep in mind to keep your extremities warm! Use thin liner socks and gloves and for cold weather use mittens. A hat is essential for both summer and winter seasons.

How to blend into the environment

What’s most important when choosing the proper clothing is thinking about blending into the environment. Your camouflage choices depend on the environment that you’re shooting in.

  • Wear white in winter – because the ground may be covered in snow white is the best option to create amazing captures. Dress warmly and in layers and blend in with the snow!
  • If you’re heading off into a dessert khaki or tan coloured clothing are needed. This way you can be unnoticed as you shoot the wildlife.
  • Military camouflage: green+grey+brown combo is perfect for fitting in with the woods.
  • You can also use face paint to be sure that every part of your body will blend in the environment!

Wearing camouflage clothing is necessary because you also want to block your smell from coming out. Animals have a much better sense of smell than humans, they can spot you and can sabotage your plan.

It’s important to be prepared for your trip! Being comfortable is a key consideration, the longer you can stand the elements, the more likely you are to catch up with your subjects.

Hopefully, our tips & tricks will be helpful and next time you will have a great time looking for and photographing some wonderful animals and birds!