Discover the Wonders of the Wicklow Way

Discover the Wonders of the Wicklow Way

Ireland’s Top-Rated Self-Guided Hiking Tour

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure that showcases the best of Ireland’s natural beauty and cultural heritage, look no further than the Wicklow Way. This stunning self-guided hiking tour is Ireland’s oldest way-marked trail, spanning over 127 kilometres from Dublin to Carlow.

Embark on a journey through the breathtaking scenery of rolling hills, glacial valleys, and cascading waterfalls, and experience the rich history and culture of the Emerald Isle.

The Upper Lake, Glendalough, Wicklow Way, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
Discover the Wonders of the Wicklow Way 30

Traversing the Wicklow Mountains National Park and Glendalough Valley, the Wicklow Way is a showcase of Ireland’s most beautiful and historic sites. Here are just a few of the highlights you can expect on your journey.

Our Self-guided Walking Tours on the Wicklow Way

The Glendalough Monastic Site:
A Historic Wonder

Glendalough Monastic Site is a captivating reminder of Ireland’s past, where visitors can explore the remains of incredible stone churches and a steep round tower that has stood for over 1,400 years.

Stroll through its ancient graveyard to take in breathtaking views of this remarkable site—founded by Irish monk Saint Kevin during the 6th century—an enduring testament to Irish monasticism!

St. Kevin's Monastic Site, Glendalough on the Wicklow Way Hiking Tour
St. Kevin’s Monastic Site, Glendalough, Co. Wicklow

Wicklow Mountains National Park: A Wilderness Adventure

If you’re a nature lover, you will want to take advantage of the chance to explore the Wicklow Mountains National Park. Home to diverse flora and fauna, the park offers visitors an opportunity to experience Ireland’s natural beauty up close. Hike along well-defined trails that range from easy walks to challenging climbs, and take in views of rivers, lakes, and bogs. The park is also a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, with over 200 species of birds and other animals like deer, badger, pine martin and otter.

Pine Martin in The Wicklow Mountains National Park in Ireland
Discover the Wonders of the Wicklow Way 31

The Wicklow Way: A Journey Through Time

Get a unique glimpse into Ireland’s storied past with the Wicklow Way trail! Experience history as you journey through ancient castles and Celtic monuments before getting to know charming villages and breathtaking architecture.

Even if this is your first time hiking, rest assured—the path is well-marked, so it’s easy to follow. Create your perfect experience by customizing an itinerary that suits both your interests AND pace: embark on the incredible adventure today!

Self-Guided Hiking Tours: Adventure on Your Terms

Go on an adventure in Ireland’s stunning Wicklow Mountains! Our self-guided tour will make sure you stay comfortable – no need to worry about maps or lodging. We’ve got it all covered. Take your time discovering the wild beauty of this region, and remember to snap some pictures along the way!

Hiking the Wicklow Way In Ireland
Hikers are descending on the upper lake of Glendalough towards the Monastic Site if St. Kevin in County Wicklow

Experience the Magic of the Wicklow Way Today!

Let the 5-day tour or the 8-day Wicklow Way tour take you on an adventure! Explore Ireland’s lush landscapes and rich cultural history through one of its most iconic trails. Take control over your journey – with flexible itineraries. It couldn’t be easier to tailor this epic experience just for you. So don’t hesitate, lace up those boots and make that dream a reality today!